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Fatboy Slim Tribute Dj Fatboy Tim




INCREDIBLE is the only word to describe Tim - not only does he look like Norman, perform like Norman and generally misbehave on stage like Norman, but he is a totally world class DJ act in his own right, so close your eyes and the experience is still just as mind-blowing.


Tim is currently whipping up the UK university circuit, and getting rave reviews from all quarters - even from FATBOY SLIM himself ..."It's uncanny and a real honour to be the first DJ to have a tribute act..." (BBC Radio One interview   and ".. I won't need to work after the baby because FATBOY TIM can turn up instead of me..." (BBC Radio One - Dave Pearce Show .

An increasing international exposure has made Tim a superstar in his own right in the Czech Republic and he was also the surprise highlight of the 2001 Monaco Grand Prix after race entertainment, as well as gigs in Spain, South Africa (Xmas 2005) , India (NYE 2006), Romania, Rio, Dubai and The Millenium Dome.


Norman even flew Tim up to the Juice award ceremonies to play when he was unable to do so because of other committments - a hell of recommendation and not one we can better here.  Now based in Newquay, Tim had a superb 2006 summer at Newquay’s favourite underground club the Koola, playing alongside the likes of Lottie and Yousef.  Tim’s own night Double Bubble Burpa-Cola has been a storming success, packed to capacity every Saturday to see Tim team up with Dean Moore and scratch supremo Matt Swift for some outrageous six deck shows bringing a breath of fresh air to the Newquay scene. Tim also residencies at Plymouth night Therapy playing alongside John Kelly and a recent move onto the airwaves in 2007 with a weekly show on Atlantic FM.


Highlights in 2008 so far have included Gatecrasher Birmingham Launch week, Surfstock, Love Riot and The Ripcurl Boardmasters with The Audio Bullys. 2009 Has seen Tim Dj with Calvin Harris, Kissy Sell Out

Just Jack and Lisa Lashes, with return plays for Love Riot and The Masked Ball. 2010 Has seen Tim Dj for Hed Kandi. Woop Woop.


In 2017 Fatboy Tim has been enjoying a renaissance with suprise gigs and popping up at the legendary Pikes In Ibiza where as a suprise guests many people were convinced it was Fatboy Slim himself.



Fatboy Slim Tribute Dj, Norman Cook-A-Like, Fatboy Tim !!!

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